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Similar critical and public acclaim has continued to greet both his public performances and recordings. Magazines such as <i>Gramophone</i> have used words like  irresistible,  truly outstanding and  superbly colourful to describe his growing discography.</p> <br/> <p class="grade2">Born in Sicily, Victor moved to Perth, Western Australia at the age of four. He gave his first public performances at the age of five and by 19 had been a soloist with all major Australian orchestras as well as having recorded and broadcast extensively for both National Radio and Television. Whilst still a student, he was soloist with the <strong>Australian Youth Orchestra</strong> on their tour of Mainland China and Hong Kong. He studied with Stephen Dornan, Roy Shepherd, Guido Agosti and Noretta Conci. After winning Australia s most prestigious awards, he studied and worked abroad in Siena, Rome and the USA before moving to England where he currently resides.</p> <br/> <p class="grade2">Victor enjoys a busy and varied career as a soloist, chamber musician and teacher. He has broadcast for the <strong>BBC World Service, Radio 3, Radio 4</strong> and <strong>Classic FM</strong> and has performed throughout <strong>England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand</strong> and <strong>America</strong>. In America he broadcast live in <strong>Chicago</strong> and <strong>Los Angeles</strong> for the <strong>WFMT Radio network</strong> and has appeared on American television. He has collaborated with such eminent conductors as <strong>Claudio Abbado, Morton Gould, Sir Charles Groves, Andrew Litton, Jane Glover, En Shou, Stanislaw Skrowacewzski, Andre Previn, Jorge Mester</strong> and <strong>Carl Davis</strong>.</p> <br/> <p class="grade6">As well as playing extremely varied repertoire, Victor s continuing interest in chamber music has seen collaborations with the <strong>Brodsky Quartet</strong>, the violinists <strong>Ruggiero Ricci</strong> and <strong>Hu Kun</strong>, horn player <strong>Eric Ruske</strong>, the actor <strong>Andrew Sachs</strong> and principals from the <strong>London Symphony</strong>. He is also a member of the <strong>Fiorini Piano Trio</strong>. He has given masterclasses in many cities throughout the world and is on the Piano Faculty at the <strong>Birmingham Conservatoire</strong> and the <strong>Royal Scottish Conservatoire</strong>.</p> <br/> <p class="grade6">Concert highlights have included much-acclaimed concerts with, among others, the <strong>Sydney, Melbourne</strong> and <strong>Western Australian Symphonies</strong>, the <strong>New Zealand Symphony</strong>, the <strong>London Mozart Players</strong>, the <strong>Ulster</strong> and <strong>Halle Orchestras</strong>, the <strong>Royal Liverpool Philharmonic</strong>; a television recording with the <strong>Melbourne Symphony</strong> (screened in America); live concert broadcasts for <strong>BBC Radio 3</strong>; recording with the <strong>BBC Concert Orchestra</strong>, recitals in prestigious venues throughout the world and appearances in the <strong>Harare</strong> and other <strong>International Festivals</strong>. Victor Sangiorgio s recordings have met with extensive critical acclaim and include such diverse and challenging repertoire as <strong>Stravinsky s</strong> complete solo piano music, the complete keyboard Sonatas by <strong>Cimarosa</strong>, concerti by <strong>Rachmaninov</strong> and <strong>Mendelssohn</strong>, and <strong>Liszt Transcriptions</strong> for piano and orchestra. He has recorded for the <strong>Collins Classics, Naxos, ABC Classics</strong> and <strong>Dutton</strong> labels, with which he has recorded seven world premieres of concerti by <strong>Benjamin Godard, Stanley Bate, Franz Reizenstein</strong> and <strong>Frederic D Erlanger</strong>.</p> </div> </div> <br /> <div id="footcontainer"> <div id="footer"> <ul> <li id="copy">Copyright 2012 Victor Sangiorgio.</li> <li id="contact"><a class="rade1" href="contact.html">Contact</a></li> <li id="links"><a class="rade1" href="links.html">Links</a></li> <li id="design">Site Design by <strong>Tom Harrison</strong></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>